New York City Museum Of Modern Art -MOMA- BPMN case study


Two distinct lanes are for, respectively, drop-off and pick-up.

After a waiting period in the drop-off lane, visitors reach a numbered desk. They lay down all their belongings on the desktop for a photography. Staff may optionally remind people that bags are totally unauthorized in the MOMA to effectively get all visitors' belongings. The photography is recorded along with a requested phone number. Staff stores belongings while a MMS is sent with the taken photography as “deposit proof”. A light panel (assigned to each numbered desk) then turns leave/green when the MMS succeeds (checked through the desktop's computer). In case of “erroneous” phone number, light panel keeps displaying wait/red. To that event, visitors are invited to re-propose something valid until success.

Pick-up leads visitors to reach any numbered desk from the pick-up lane after a waiting period. Visitors provide their phone number. People get their belongings and leave the place when leave/green turns on. This results from staff enactment on their desktop's computer.

Note that a numbered desk's light panel turns wait/red as soon as a sensor detects presence in front of the desk.

Drop-offBPMN Process Diagram


Pick-upBPMN Process Diagram
Drop-off/Pick-up conversation ⤳ BPMN Conversation Diagram
Script-based simulation ⤳ dynamic simulation (BPMN ⤳ p. 11)

Drop-off process simulation

“Send MMS”


  1. Make change to simulate success of phone number response (first-time told)
  2. Make change to simulate success of phone number response (second-time told)
  3. Remove Fake activity because EA bug! and simulate

Solution (question 2)

n++; if(n == 2) success=true;
BPMN execution issue


Business Process Simulation Interchange Standard -BPSim- simulation here

Key action(s)


BPSim settings ⤳ optional condition

BPSim settings ⤳ process variable initialization

BPSim variables

BPSim BPMN timer event

BPSim BPMN signal event

BPSim BPMN message event

BPSim review

BPSim execution

BPSim execution result