My device

My device

My device UML State Machine Diagram

Java simulation

Download JavaFX NetBeans project

State Chart XML (SCXML)

State Chart XML (SCXML) (here…) is a W3C recommendation to express state machines based on Harel's Statecharts modeling technique.

SCXML comes with an associated XSD (here…).

My device SCXML

<scxml xmlns:xsi=""
       datamodel="ecmascript" initial="Idle" name="My_device" version="1.0">
    <!-- … -->
    <state id="Idle">
        <transition event="go" target="Busy"/>
    <!-- … -->

Download SCXML file

My device BPMN

Download Bizagi Modeler .bpm file

My device Busy (BPMN)

My device S2 (BPMN)

My device S3 (BPMN)

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